Potinara orchid goldThe mission of Orchid Art by Charles Hess is to:

  • conserve the beauty of orchids on paper and in the wild
  • foster an appreciation of the amazing diversity of orchids in those who own and view my work
  • donate 100% of art sales to organizations with proven track records in rainforest and habitat conservation
  • actively promote awareness of the need for conserving native habitats around the world
  • collaborate with orchid societies throughout the country to use my donated art as fundraisers for conservation


Orchids are part of the ecosystem in which they live. Therefore, in order to practice and promote orchid conservation, it is necessary to preserve and protect their habitat, which includes a wide diversity of flora and fauna. 

Renowned botanical artist and conservationist Margaret Mee was a pioneer in orchid conservation. Her unique floral paintings, as well as her conservation efforts in the Amazon rain forests, have been the source of inspiration for my work.

Through the sales of my art work I raise funds for the preservation of orchid habitats in the rainforests of South America and Asia, and to the study and preservation of native orchid species in North America.

100% of sales from Orchid Art By Charles Hess are donated annually to 4 organizations: