Dr Delphinium Designs and Events:

I am fortunate to live a short drive from the Richardson Texas store of Dr Delphinium. This is where they have a huge greenhouse in back, and it is filled to the gills with mostly orchids. I have a permanent display of my art and note cards at this store.

Everyone on the staff is friendly and helpful, and they are very good about answering questions on how to keep orchids happy. Check out the website, when you have a moment.

See some photos from a recent visit here. Makes you want to go see for yourself, doesn’t it?

Botanica LTD:

“At Botanica Ltd., we endeavor to raise awareness of the ongoing loss of natural habitat around the world by offering seed grown species that originate from domestic culture. Ex-situ conservation and propagation are a way of protecting an endangered species by growing it in a safe location – away from it’s native environment. It can also help take pressure off the native populations by reducing collecting. Our passion and efforts are directed to the Angraecoid alliance, orchids primarily from Africa and Madagascar.”

Visit the site.

Prairie Orchids:

Located in El Dorado, Kansas, Prairie Orchids offers a wide variety of Cattleyas, Paphiopedilums,Masdevallias and other Species & Hybrids.

Contact Prairie Orchids here:

Okie Orchids:

Brian Truong, owner of Okie Orchids, is a vendor I always seek out at orchid shows. His specialty is the Miltoniopsis species. One of my recent paintings features one of Brian’s orchids, which was a gift from him.

Here is a brief video of Brian and his beautiful orchids.