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Support for Rainforest Trust is an investment in the future of orchids in the most biodiverse and threatened areas of our planet. Orchids share the habitats of the most endangered major species of mammals, reptiles and birds.   Without a healthy habitat, from the top predators down to the smallest creatures, the ecosystem cannot survive with the diversity needed to maintain all the components necessary to sustain the future and evolution of orchid species.

In 2014 a major fundraising target for Rainforest Trust had particular appeal to me, because it was the identification of a largely untouched area in the Philippine island of Palawan. Many species of orchids are yet to be catalogued for that area.

Some of Rainforest Trust efforts overlap with those of the Orchid Conservation Alliance, as was evidenced with the Dracula Reserve in Ecuador.  Having these organizations join forces is a good thing, because it provides strength, efficiency, and synergy.  I expect to see more such joint efforts in the future.

In 2015 Rainforest Trust moved their offices to a new building.  They offered me the opportunity to display some of my paintings in their new home. I look forward to visiting to meet all of my new friends there and see my work on display.   What an honor!

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I will be posting news from Rainforest Trust periodically.